I’m passionate about keeping my service prices and costs affordable for my St. Paul and Whitebear Lake neighbors . Everyone knows, running a business is expensive. So how do I do it?  I’ve streamlined my business with less overhead than other shops to offer you the most affordable Laser Services in the Twin Cities.

  1. I keep my costs for Laser Services low by leveraging technology like On-Line Scheduling, eliminating the need for an additional staffer to book appointments by phone.
  2. I’ve grown my business slowly over time – by word of mouth. Reducing my advertising costs for popular services like Acne Clearing, Laser hair Removal, Laser Tattoo removal – which can increase prices by 10-25%.
  3. No brick and mortar. I’ve always operated inside existing businesses like hair salons, or skin care businesses. Makes me a little harder to find sometimes, but I can keep my costs down by leveraging someone else build-out. And you guessed it….I pass those savings on to you.

If you are looking for a Certified, Experienced, qualified Laser Technician, you’ve found her. Call today and let me help you get closer to your aesthetic goals.